z Bractwa Odważnych



About us We have been engaged in breeding the Miniature Black Schnauzer since 1992

In Krakow, 1992 a “living parcel” arrived to us from Budzyń. That was the first time when the Miniature Black Schnauzer turned up in our house and since that time we have been breeding this astonishing and admirable dogs. Fortunately, giving us the May Nest HERA, our new friends from Budzyń sold us really good, pure-breed dog.
As a result, short May Nest HERA with refined head, perfect build and beautiful black coat initiated the foundation of a kennel called “From the Brave Brotherhood”. We realized that the responsibility for the kennel rests with us mainly because the pure-bred dogs’ reproduction is serious and reliable matter.
We are responsible for every puppy that is leaving our kennel. We were and we are the lovers of the Miniature Black Schnauzers and we are proud of our dogs as they are:

  • winning the awards during the shows,
  • titled,
  • having good litters and beautiful puppies,
  • you can buy from us the future champion,
  • we possess great stud and beautiful, titled well build bitches with amazing psychological features.




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